Monday, August 22, 2011

Kayleigh is 14!!!!

I cannot believe that Kayleigh is 14!! It certainly doesn't feel like it's been that long! Kayleigh is an AMAZING person!! She loves people and can talk to just about anyone! She is a great gymnast with the most beautiful lines I've seen! She is going to be a great gymnastics coach, too! The kids love "Coach Kayleigh" and she loves them! She LOVES to text, which often leads to trouble. She is funny and has an awesome sense of humor!! She is fun to be around and has a great laugh. Kayleigh is a beautiful girl and she is very loved!!!! Happy Birthday Kayleigh!!!!

Chocolate cake with 7 minute icing and black and orange sprinkles!


Blowing out the candles.

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Finishing dinner before Young Women.

Kayleigh, Jade, and Loran

Reading Grandma's card

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Reed and Natalie said...

I can't believe she's 14!! I remember when she was born! I hope she had a great day! :)