Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 More Halloween Card

I ordered a couple of owls stamps from Side Show Stamps and bought a small grab bag of stamps. This vampire was in the mix and I thought he'd make a great "Man" card!!

Halloween cards

So, I've set some goals for myself in the card-making department.  I lost my mojo there for a while, but I think it's back!!! I painted my craft wall, and cleaned out my supplies. I'm slowly getting organized, but it is good enough for me to make cards!!! Here are 4 Halloween cards I just finished!!

Trick or Treat cat!! I added some homemade "Flower Soft" to make the cat look fuzzy!! Can you tell?

I found this little witch in the $1 bin at Michael's!! I thought she was cute!!

Here's the witch's friend, Frankenstein!! The thing that took the longest was hand drawing the "stitches" on the cardstock!!

I saw a similar card on Split Coast Stampers, and wanted to re-create it!! The spiders' silk is drawn in with a silver pen!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Level 5 Meet!! Pictures

Kayleigh had her 1st Level 5 meet in Rancho Cordova and Technique Gymnastics. The judges are a little harder on the Level 5 girls, so Kayleigh didn't do as well as she thought she was going to. I thought she was amazing, but I think I'm a little biased!!;)

Bar Routine - Look how straight her legs are!!!

Bar routine - I don't know how she does it!!

Doing her kip!

Beam routine

Floor routine

Back handspring


Back walkover


I just thought this was a cool picture!!

Up and over

Waiting with Coach Megan and Coach Carrie
She hurt her knee doing her vault, so she's icing it before awards.
5th place on vault!!!

1st Day of School!!!

Thursday was the first day of school for Cameron and Ashlan!! Cameron is in 6th grade and has Mr. Becker for his teacher. Ashlan is in 3rd grade and has Ms. Johnson for her teacher. This year for 1st day of school teacher gifts, I did pencil jars. I found the jars at Wal-Mart, filled them with pens and pencils and then added vinyl to each side. 1 side has a "P" and "Pencils", 1 side has a "P" and "Pens, and the 2 remaining sides has the teachers' names and initial. Easy!!!! And the teachers LOVED them!!

Kayleigh is 14!!!!

I cannot believe that Kayleigh is 14!! It certainly doesn't feel like it's been that long! Kayleigh is an AMAZING person!! She loves people and can talk to just about anyone! She is a great gymnast with the most beautiful lines I've seen! She is going to be a great gymnastics coach, too! The kids love "Coach Kayleigh" and she loves them! She LOVES to text, which often leads to trouble. She is funny and has an awesome sense of humor!! She is fun to be around and has a great laugh. Kayleigh is a beautiful girl and she is very loved!!!! Happy Birthday Kayleigh!!!!

Chocolate cake with 7 minute icing and black and orange sprinkles!


Blowing out the candles.

Add caption

Finishing dinner before Young Women.

Kayleigh, Jade, and Loran

Reading Grandma's card

Ashlan Being... well, Ashlan!!

Okay, so it's pretty much self-explanatory!! WEIRD!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calling all Bloggers

Hello fellow bloggers,
Our ward is wanting to start a Relief Society Blog. I'm interested to see any ward blogs that you know about. If you can comment and leave the web address, I'd so appreciate it!!! Thanks for all your help!!!