Friday, February 3, 2012

Basketball game!!

Cameron decided to switch it up and play basketball on one of his school's team. Ophir has a 5th grade team, a 6th grade team, and a 5th/6th team!! Cameron plays on the 5th/6th team!! Here are some pictures from his first game. The scored was 29-14. We lost, but for only having 1 practice together, I think they did pretty well. 20 of those points were scored in the first half, to our 4 points. Not too bad!

He's #8 today!!

New Years 2012

We had a pretty low-key New Year's. We stayed home and had chocolate fondue!! We played some Wii and watched movies. Kayleigh's friend, Loran, came over!! We had a pretty good time, although Chris was in bed by about 9pm!!
YUMMMM!!! Chocolate!

Kayleigh enjoying her fondue!!

Cameron and Ashlan didn't eat too much chocolate, but the did enjoy the pound cake!!

Dancing fools!!

Sparkling apple cider!!!

Ashlan almost didn't make it!! This was at about 11:55pm!

Loran and Kayleigh

Mom and Cameron

Mom and Ashlan

Mom and Kayleigh

Christmas Table

So, I did it again!!! I decorated my table for Christmas!! I have to say it looked better than Thanksgiving!! What do you think?
Glass jars held silver ribbon, ornaments, and candy canes. 

A silver tinsel garland  and red ribbon went down in the center of the table. A white tablecloth set off my red  place mats on which sat silver chargers, cute paper plates, red napkins with a napkin ring around it!

Red bows were tied around each glass jar.

Candles were placed on a wine glass that was upsidedown!

Band Concert

Cameron had his first band concert!!! The concert itself was video taped, so when I figure out how to get them off my camera, I'll get them up here!!
Playing his trumpet (coronet).


So when I went through my camera, I found almost 200 pictures of Kayleigh, Ashlan, and the goats. I think they went a little overboard!! Here are a couple I thought were cute!!

Azure Blue saying hello.

Azure Blue thinks she's a lapdog...I mean Lapgoat!!

Azure Blue 

Morning Star Blue