Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More camping!

Pamela with her new lanyard made of llama fleece! Ribbons after the 1st two events! Lily even participated! She took Zydeco through an obstacle course all by herself!

Chris, Cameron, and Ashlan playing frisbee! Kayleigh listening to her iPod and playing her DS. Cameron and Ashlan playing Battleship! That was the game of the weekend!

Here is Chris with my favorite llama, Ince! He is a cutie! (the llama, not Chris) A picture of Taos, a sweet girl llama! Ashlan was so excited when she was asked to help hand out ribbons!

Here is Pamela "showing" Mulan. Behind her is Andrea's mom, Pam, "showing" Lilymon.
Ashlan standing next to as tree. Handing out more ribbons. All the ribbons won!
We had a great weekend! It's been a while since we went camping! Thank you Mogler's!!!!


We went camping this weekend at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, in Grass Valley. Our friends, the Mogler's, had a llama show and invited us to tag along! Here are Kayleigh, Cameron, and Ashlan.

Here is Kayleigh with Mulan. She is in heaven when she is helping with the llamas. All 3 kids at the llama pens!

Chris and Ashlan. Kayleigh and Pamela brushing out Mulan. Cameron having a staring contest with one of the llamas. Pamela getting ready for her obstacle course.

Pamela on the obstacle course with Mulan. Chris looks like he's riding a llama!!! He's actually standing on the fence behind. Brittany and Pamela with their ribbons after the 1st obstacle course. Brittany got 2 3rd Places, and Pamela got a 4th and 5th Place. Brittany on the obstacle course with Wasabi!

These first two are Andrea getting ready for the obstacle course. She has Zydeco with her. Chris and Cameron playing an intense game of Battleship.

Amber Paige Bogh

I would like to introduce you to my newest niece, Amber Paige Bogh! She was born on May 20, 2009. Congratulations Steven and Sarena! Congratulations to big sister, Katelynn and big brother, Dylan! She is beautiful!!! She has the most hair I think I've ever seen! I'm so glad I was there when she was born. I'm just sad that I had to come home before I could see more of her!

Natalie and Emma's Baby Shower

I went down to So.Cal. for Emma's blessing and shower. Here are pictures of the shower! Yes, there are pictures of people smelling diapers. We melted candy and put it in diapers. Those attending the shower had to smell the "dirty" diapers and guess the candy. It was pretty funny to watch! Emma now has tons of much needed clothes!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sam's Club was doing these pictures, so we decided to get these done. We were only going to get the special, which was an 10 X 13 for $10. They turned out so well, I decided to get them all. Cameron's smile in this one just makes me laugh. He very rarely "kind of" smiles. He smiles with his whole being!!

Here are just the girls together.

Ashlan!! She didn't want to take these pics because she just lost her front tooth. She was afraid people would laugh at her. I love this picture. She also decided this is how she wanted to pose.

Cameron!! What can I say? He is sooo cute! The photographer did think he and Ashlan were twins!

Kayleigh!! She looks beautiful here! I still can't believe she's going to be 12 this year!