Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More camping!

Pamela with her new lanyard made of llama fleece! Ribbons after the 1st two events! Lily even participated! She took Zydeco through an obstacle course all by herself!

Chris, Cameron, and Ashlan playing frisbee! Kayleigh listening to her iPod and playing her DS. Cameron and Ashlan playing Battleship! That was the game of the weekend!

Here is Chris with my favorite llama, Ince! He is a cutie! (the llama, not Chris) A picture of Taos, a sweet girl llama! Ashlan was so excited when she was asked to help hand out ribbons!

Here is Pamela "showing" Mulan. Behind her is Andrea's mom, Pam, "showing" Lilymon.
Ashlan standing next to as tree. Handing out more ribbons. All the ribbons won!
We had a great weekend! It's been a while since we went camping! Thank you Mogler's!!!!

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