Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Day of School!!

Thursday was the last day of school for the kids! Yippee for me! Cameron and Ashlan wanted a picture in front of the school. Kayleigh wouldn't get in the picture. I think she was a little sad about the year coming to a close.

Here are all three kids sitting at a picnic table at the school!

Cameron made the Principal's Honor Roll! Here are all the kids in his class that made it. Cameron and 2 other kids made the P.H.R. all three trimesters! Good job Cameron!!!

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Here is Cameron getting a handshake from the Principal!

I think this picture says it all!

I don't have any pictures of Ashlan because this district doesn't make a big deal of kindergarten graduation. No certificate, no ceremony, nothing!! They didn't even want the parents in the class on the last day. Oh well!


Reed and Natalie said...

Good job Cameron!

sara said...

yeah, way to go cameron!!
i love the picture of the three of them together