Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kayleigh's New Dress

Kayleigh went to a school dance with some friends. She had a blast!!! We found her dress at a thrift store for a whole $4.75!!! It had the tags still on them and everything! She also needed new shoes, so she bought these pretty red ones!!

Air Show at Beale Air Force Base

 We had a great day!!!!

Walking into the airshow! Us plus one...Isaiah Coon joined the fun!!

Ashlan thought it was so cool. We had to watch her because she would not stop looking up!!

Holding up the plane

Cameron in the cockpit

Ashlan in the cockpit

Her are the three kids in a rescue helicopter.

Cameron holding up the plane

It was a little windy!!!

Cameron wanted to go and do everything!!!!

Kayleigh didn't want her picture taken.

Ashlan posing

Gotta LOVE the Thunderbirds!!

Mirror Image

I don't think they can get any closer!