Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Last Night in Maryland!

Thanks to Rob and Vanessa for bringing the crabs! They were YUMMY!! Ashlan even liked them! I think her favorite part was using the mallet to crack open the claws!
We so enjoyed getting together with the family. We hope to be able to visit you again soon!

Statue of Liberty

Sadly, my camera battery died after the picture of Ashlan looking through the view finder. I did take a few pictures with Kayleigh's camera, so when I get those downloaded, I'll get them up. What an amazing experience!! I never thought I'd get the opportunity to get here. This was a wonderful thing for my kids to be able to experience!

New York City Trip!!!

Philadelphia Trip

River Trip #2

Poor Cameron!!

Cameron had 2 injuries this trip. Injury # 1 - Chris was playing ball with him and he missed the ball. It hit him right in the eye! He had a nice welt and bruise! Injury #2 - Cameron was at Uncle Pete's house. Pete as a bar hung in a tree for the kids to swing on. Cameron wound it enough that it popped off and hit him right on the forehead! The knot on his head was HUGE! Look for it in the next posts in the pics of Cameron!

Washington D.C. Day 2

Day 2 started at the Spy Museum, but I put my camera away because cameras were not allowed! It was a drizzly day, but we had fun! Does everyone like my new hair color?

Washington D.C. Day 1

Birthday Party!

We bought a small cake for Cameron's birthday. The guests were, us, Harry and Donna, Grammy Ree and Pop Charlie, Josh, Rachel, Carcie, and Reagan. Josh is Harry and Donna's son. He and his wife Rachel live just down the road a little. Carcie was almost a year last time we visited. Reagan is almost a year this visit! Both of those girls are too cute! Thanks to all for making this trip a special one!

River Trip #1

This was our 1st day in Maryland! It was Cameron;s birthday and he decided this is what he wanted to do. Harry and Donna live just 5 minutes from here. This is a private beach/dock for the residents of this neighborhood. You have to cross a boardwalk that goes over a marshy area before you get to the river. This area of the river is special, because 5 rivers converge here. The Bohemia, Elk, North East, Susquehanna, and the Sassafras all empty in the Chesapeake Bay right about here. It is really beautiful! Last time we were here, Kayleigh collected ocean glass. We didn't find as much on this trip.

Trip to Maryland!

The next posts are going to be of our trip to Maryland. We left on June 14th and got back home on the 26th. We flew out of Sacramento and landed in Philadelphia, with a layover in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We stayed mostly with Chris' Aunt Donna and Uncle Harry. They live in Earleville, Maryland. Thanks to them for putting up with us for almost 2 weeks!! We love staying with you! We had a blast!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cameron's Birthday

We will be in Maryland on Monday, which is Cameron's actual birthday, so we had a small party for him! We got him the Darth Vader set. He was really surprised because we told him he wasn't going to get anymore Legos!

He clapped when he saw his Nerf dart tag. He has wanted a Nerf gun for a really long time!

Here is the Lego set already done! I think it took him about 20 minutes to finish it!

Cameron blowing out the candles on his cake! He will be 9 on Monday!

6th Grade Graduation

Thursday was Kayleigh's last day of elementary school. In August she will be an official Jr. High student. Yikes!!!!

Kayleigh was in a 5th/6th combo class this year so there were only 10 6th graders. Here are the girls.

Here are the boys and Kayleigh's teacher, Mrs. Clay.

Kayleigh is getting her graduation certificate from the Principal. We are SO proud of her! She has really worked hard this year to keep her grades up! She ROCKS!!!!!

Last Day of School!!

Thursday was the last day of school for the kids! Yippee for me! Cameron and Ashlan wanted a picture in front of the school. Kayleigh wouldn't get in the picture. I think she was a little sad about the year coming to a close.

Here are all three kids sitting at a picnic table at the school!

Cameron made the Principal's Honor Roll! Here are all the kids in his class that made it. Cameron and 2 other kids made the P.H.R. all three trimesters! Good job Cameron!!!

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Here is Cameron getting a handshake from the Principal!

I think this picture says it all!

I don't have any pictures of Ashlan because this district doesn't make a big deal of kindergarten graduation. No certificate, no ceremony, nothing!! They didn't even want the parents in the class on the last day. Oh well!