Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Here we are trimming our little Christmas tree. The kids called it our "Charlie Brown" tree, but it wasn't quite that sad. We decided to do a color theme for our tree this year. We chose blue and silver. It turned out very nice!

Christmas morning amid all the "booty"! We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Crazy Christmas Program

Cameron had his Christmas program yesterday. The 4th graders' theme was "Crazy Christmas". All the songs were familiar Christmas music with different lyrics put to them. So fun!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


We took this at Josh and Jessica's. They are standing in order oldest to youngest (I think). Allie, Garrett, Daniel, and Kayleigh. They first 3 were born in 96, and Kayleigh was born in 97. Allie, Garrett and Daniel are actually my cousins, so Kayleigh would be a 1st cousin, once removed? Does anyone know if that's right?

Ashlan Sings Songs!

Yesterday I went to see all the 1st graders put on a Christmas program! So fun!!! They did a wonderful job!! Ashlan is in the back row and her best friend, Mackenzie, is on the left with the glasses. More pictures to come. I get to go watch the Cameron and the 4th graders today!!!!

Cameron and the Stale Chex

While we were packing up the kitchen, we found a box of stale Chex. Cameron decided that it might be a nice treat for the deer. We thought he'd go out and just dump the bag out. Oh no. He very carefully poured out the cereal on the path that the deer made in the grass. He told me that way the deer can eat while they wailk. I guess this gives a whole new meaning to a "drive-thru"!!!

House Phase 4

This is the front of the house with the garage door gone, wall up and window in.

From the garage/bonus room looking at the new wall and window.

Garage/bonus room looking at the side wall. Hopefully the door will be in soon.

Master bathroom looking at the new closet where the door used to be!

Look!!! There's a tub in my living room!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Really? A Job?

Well, it looks like Chris may be starting a new job this week. Crappy timing, since we need to get the house finished so we can move in next week, but so needed!!!! We are so grateful to my Uncle Mark for putting this job into motion. Chris is so excited to get back to work. He will be driving into Sacramento everyday. This is like an early Christmas present for us!! Thank you to every prayer that was uttered for our family. We knew that our Heavenly Father was answering our prayers, we just had to wait for the timing to be right. We will forever be grateful for all the support and love that came our way this year. We are hoping this will be the start great new year!