Monday, September 13, 2010

Kayleigh's Second Meet

So Kayleigh had her second meet yesterday in Brentwood. She was amazing!!! I'm so proud of what she is acomplishing in gymnastics!!


Love that her feet aren't touching the ground!

Splits, OUCH!


Love her beautiful lines!!

Swinging like a monkey!


Beautiful lines!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Grandma Came To Visit!

My mom came to visit us this past week. She came up on Friday so she could be at Kayleigh's 1st meet. We were so glad she came! The kids were so excited to see her. Mom and I kept pretty busy this week. We went to a fruit stand and bought tomatoes and peaches. We made peach pie filling! YUMMY!!! Unfortunately the tomatoes weren't quite ripe, so she left before she could help me make stewed tomatoes! She made bread dough on Wednesday so we could have some griddle cakes!!! Double YUMMY!!!! We were sad to see her go, but can't wait for her to visit again.


I made these cute scorebooks for the girls on team as a good luck gift for the season. I ended up making 22 of them for the girls and 2 for the coaches. I tried to make a book that matched the girls' competition leo. (They were all dk blue with another color.) The little one is for the girls to keep track of their own scores this season. I also made a bigger one for the coaches. It keeps track of all the girls on team, divided into levels. I think they were a big hit! The girls and coaches loved them!!
Coach Scorebook

Girls Scorebook


Kayleigh's Medals

Kayleigh ended up with 3 medals at the meet. She placed 6th on bars, 9th on vault and we think it was 10th all around! Congratulations, Kayleigh!! We are so proud!

1st day of school

I missed posting the pictures I took of the kids on their 1st day of school. Here they are:
Ashlan is in 2nd grade and her teacher is Mr. Scott.

Cameron is in 5th grade. He started the year with Mr. Robertson in a 5/6 combo, but was moved to Mr. Goodwin's 4/5 combo class just yesterday.

Kayleigh is in 8th grade this year.

Here they are right before they left for school. Ashlan cracks me up. She decided to do bunny ears right before I snapped the picture!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kayleigh's 1st Competition!

Here's some videos of Kayleigh's 1st gymnastics competition. Please excuse the video quality, as I'm still learning. I think Kayleigh ROCKS at vault!! She's awesome!! They get 2 passes at the vault and the higher of the two scores is given. Kayleigh scored a 9.125, for he 2nd vault! As a bonus, there was a cute little boy that was dancing to the floor music!

Her uneven bars routine scored an 8.750.

Her beam routine scored a 7.950. She was a little nervous and bobbled a little more then she normally does.

Here is Kayleigh's floor routine. She scored an 8.050.

Some pictures that I took at the meet. She's beautiful!!!