Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kayleigh's 1st Competition!

Here's some videos of Kayleigh's 1st gymnastics competition. Please excuse the video quality, as I'm still learning. I think Kayleigh ROCKS at vault!! She's awesome!! They get 2 passes at the vault and the higher of the two scores is given. Kayleigh scored a 9.125, for he 2nd vault! As a bonus, there was a cute little boy that was dancing to the floor music!

Her uneven bars routine scored an 8.750.

Her beam routine scored a 7.950. She was a little nervous and bobbled a little more then she normally does.

Here is Kayleigh's floor routine. She scored an 8.050.

Some pictures that I took at the meet. She's beautiful!!!


Jessica said...

i enjoyed watching those videos, she's AWESOME! man, let her know my favorites were the uneven bars-so cool that she can do that stuff!- and the ending on the balance beam, she rocks!

Reed and Natalie said...

I loved all those videos! I'm glad you posted them! She did so well! I love that last picture! Way to go Kayleigh!