Monday, June 20, 2011

New family member!!

We adopted a new dog on Saturday. We named him Charlie and he is a great dog!! We think he is a poodle/lhasa apso mix. (Those two breeds aren't supposed to shed.) He is super sweet, although Tucker is still getting used to the idea. We saw pictures of him when the SPCA got him and he looked like a filthy mop!!!!

Cameron Turns 11!!!!!

I can't believe Cameron is 11! He is an amazing kid!!!! He still love everything Harry Potter, Star Wars, and most things Sci-Fi!!!! He is obsessed with Legos! He loves the build all sorts of things, most he makes up himself and are pretty darn good!  He is a straight A student and loves to learn. He can read something once, remember it, and then spend hours telling you all about it. Cameron is also on his way to becoming an excellent gymnast. He works hard and loves to work out!! I have a feeling that in high school, Cameron is going to be a cross country runner. He's not real fast but boy does he have stamina. He can run forever!!!! He can't wait until we can visit Derek and Dylan to prove to them that he is an athlete and can do more push-ups, sit-ups, and v-ups than them!!! (They are both baseball players.)Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!!!

Birthday Cake: White cake and buttercream icing!

Harry Potter Legos

Cuponk Game

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Wii game

New underwear!!!! He IS growing!!!!

Blowing out the candles. This is Cameron's best friend, Isaiah!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chris' Boat!

Well, Chris managed to snag a boat. The family of one of Kayleigh's friend just wanted it off their property, so for the price of tires for the trailer, Chris got himself a boat. It's a project of a boat, but a boat nonetheless.

Tadpole Time!!!!

We went to our friend, Aricka's birthday party. The Hickman's own a vineyard and winery, so they have a bit of property. They have a pond in which the Hickman girls catch tadpoles. After they catch them, they put them in an old tub. Cameron, Ashlan, and Kira were in the tub catching tadpoles. We had a lot of fun!!!!

Ashlan had a tadpole between her fingers.


Cameron dropping tadpoles.

More tadpoles

Cameron, Kira, Ashlan, and Aricka

Kayleigh with the birthday girl, Aricka!! Stacey is the other little girl and calls Kayleigh her bestest friend.

End of 5th grade!

Cameron ended 5th grade on the Principal's Honor Roll. That means he got all A's on his report card. He also had perfect attendance for the year. Good job Cameron!!!!


Perfect attendance.

Principal's Honor Roll


Cameron with his teacher, Mr. Goodwin.

Kayleigh Ripped!!!

Here's another rip courtesy of Kayleigh!!!Getting rips in gymnastics is a good thing. It means you were working hard!

Kayleigh Graduating 8th Grade

We are so proud of Kayleigh. She made it through Jr. High! They did it up big for the graduation ceremony.

Strutting it with her friends before the ceremony.

The one picture I made her take!!

Getting her diploma.

YEAH!!!! A graduate!!!

Walking out!

Friends forever.

Fishing on Memorial Day

We decided to take the family fishing on Memorial Day. Too bad is was windy and cold. What the heck???? We had a good time even if we didn't catch anything.

Ashlan trying to fish.

The only way I could get a picture of sneaking one!

Chris was really trying to make a go of it. It was too windy.

Cameron looking for something.     

Chris putting worms on the hooks for the kids.