Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sam's Club was doing these pictures, so we decided to get these done. We were only going to get the special, which was an 10 X 13 for $10. They turned out so well, I decided to get them all. Cameron's smile in this one just makes me laugh. He very rarely "kind of" smiles. He smiles with his whole being!!

Here are just the girls together.

Ashlan!! She didn't want to take these pics because she just lost her front tooth. She was afraid people would laugh at her. I love this picture. She also decided this is how she wanted to pose.

Cameron!! What can I say? He is sooo cute! The photographer did think he and Ashlan were twins!

Kayleigh!! She looks beautiful here! I still can't believe she's going to be 12 this year!


Jessica said...

they came out really nice, and the missing tooth makes them even sweeter :)

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Very cute!

Katie said...

Those photographers sure know how to get your money, huh? We went through the same thing a couple of weeks ago. They are worth it though. Cameron sure has a great smile!

Reed and Natalie said...

LOVE them! So cute! Can't wait to see you guys again in a little while!

BNN said...

I would have bought them all as well. Very cute!! See you this weekend.