Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School!!!

Thursday was the first day of school for Cameron and Ashlan!! Cameron is in 6th grade and has Mr. Becker for his teacher. Ashlan is in 3rd grade and has Ms. Johnson for her teacher. This year for 1st day of school teacher gifts, I did pencil jars. I found the jars at Wal-Mart, filled them with pens and pencils and then added vinyl to each side. 1 side has a "P" and "Pencils", 1 side has a "P" and "Pens, and the 2 remaining sides has the teachers' names and initial. Easy!!!! And the teachers LOVED them!!


Alex said...

Very cute!! I miss the days of making teacher gifts - since both of mine are in high school now, that just does not happen!!


Reed and Natalie said...

How fun! I love Cameron's hat!