Thursday, August 25, 2011

Halloween cards

So, I've set some goals for myself in the card-making department.  I lost my mojo there for a while, but I think it's back!!! I painted my craft wall, and cleaned out my supplies. I'm slowly getting organized, but it is good enough for me to make cards!!! Here are 4 Halloween cards I just finished!!

Trick or Treat cat!! I added some homemade "Flower Soft" to make the cat look fuzzy!! Can you tell?

I found this little witch in the $1 bin at Michael's!! I thought she was cute!!

Here's the witch's friend, Frankenstein!! The thing that took the longest was hand drawing the "stitches" on the cardstock!!

I saw a similar card on Split Coast Stampers, and wanted to re-create it!! The spiders' silk is drawn in with a silver pen!!

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Reed and Natalie said...

LOVE them Megan! I think I'm going to try to get Halloween cards sent out this year, we'll see. I think I like the last one the best, but I love the witch and the Frankenstein.