Friday, August 28, 2009

Kayleigh is 12!!!

Here is Kayleigh's birthday cake! This was my first try with fondant. Thank you Sara for all your decorating tips and help!!!

Here is Kayleigh with her birthday cake!!!!

Kayleigh is 12 so she now gets to shave her legs! Yikes! I'm old!!! She was so excited that she took her friends into the bathroom to watch her shave!

I took a "gift" shot!

My niece, Katelynn came up with my mom to visit. Kayleigh, Katelynn, and one of Kayleigh's best friends, Samantha, had a little sleep over. They decided to sleep outside on the deck.

Happy Birthday Kayleigh!!! I can't believe you are 12. Times goes by too fast! I am so proud of the young women she is becoming. She has a great sense of humor! She is such a people person! She has no problems making friends.She has her moments, but when she is happy, you can't help but be happy too. She can't wait to get involved in the Young Women program at church. She is also starting 7th grade, which means I have a child in middle school!!! All in all, she is a fabulous person! We love you Kayleigh!!!

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Reed and Natalie said...

We were so happy we could be there for her birthday! Wow, you're SO old! :)