Monday, March 16, 2009

Like, Totally Rad!

Okay! I know all parents feel the same when their pre-teen kid asks you to buy them an article of clothing that you thought would NEVER come back into style! Kayleigh just had to have skinny jeans and hightops!!!!! What is the world coming to?!!!!!

Here is an up close shot of her shoes.

This pose Kayleigh had me take. She thought it would look cool! it's going to be rough for me the next couple of years. I cringed as she picked out these shoes and I cringe every time she wears them. Yikes!!!


Reed and Natalie said...

That is TOO funny! You just have to grin and bear it, right?! That's how I feel when Makayla dresses herself in mismatched clothes! :) I think Kayleigh looks cute! It's crazy what things are back in style..."WHY?"

sara said...

well megan she's obviously way cooler than you....right kayleigh?

love you guys! miss you too!!!!

BNN said...

Well it is not any worse then the 70's. I loved those jeans, but they were Bongo jeans. Way cool Kayleigh!!

Jessica said...

oh what a cutie! i wish i could look cute in skinny jeans!