Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay, I need some help here. I have an old picture of Chris' parents (Keith and Diane), an engagement picture, I think. Keith wrote a sweet love note to Diane on the back of it. What I'd like to do is superimpose the writing onto the picture. My problem is that I want in Keith's handwriting. I've scanned both sides of the photo, I just don't where to go from here. If anyone has any ideas or websites that can do this, PLEASE let me know.


Aaron Kinser said...

There may be a way to do it on Adobe Photoshop. If you scan the photo and the backside and send them to me, I can see if I can do it. No promises, but I think that it is possible.

Megan said...

Thanks Aaron, I'll send those over!

Reed and Natalie said...

HEY!!! I tagged you!