Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Attack of the Puppies!

We were at the Mogler's on Saturday to spend some time with Kayleigh. While we were waiting for dinner, Cameron came over and sat down on the ground. Next thing we knew, he was being kissed by 2 of the puppies. Fuzzbutt is the one on top of Cameron. The other one is Lover.
Fuzzbutt is a tenacious little puppy. Cameron just kept telling the puppies to "Knock it off!"
He was laughing so hard!
Here is Fuzzbutt licking Cameron's ear! The other puppy here is Haley.
Haley decided Fuzzbutt was having fun, so she decided to join him! I think Cameron had fun too! He soon made his escape shortly after this. He didn't sit down on the ground for the rest of the day!

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