Monday, May 19, 2008

PDM Company Picnic

We had Chris' company picnic on Saturday at Oak Grove Park in Stockton. This is Cameron and Ashlan showing off the hats that they got to decorate! They had so much fun doing this!
Here is Cameron showing off the monkey he won! There was face painting there and he wanted an X-Wing. I tried my hardest to do it like he was explaining it to me. You see, "there is a rectangle in the middle, a triangle at the top, an x across the middle, a small rectangle at the bottom of the big rectangle, and 4 cylinders on the bottom of the small rectangle", and there is some more details, but it's too involved for this mom! Cameron is a "little" detail-oriented.

Here's Ashlan showing off her face paint. All she wanted was 2 hearts, one on each cheek! If you can't tell, it was HOT! I think it ended up being 104 degrees. We had a blast!


Reed and Natalie said...

That is funny about Cameron's details! I don't even try to attempt drawing things from Star Wars. That is Reed's area....Not mine! Was Kayleigh not there?

Megan said...

No, she decided to go camping for the weekend with the Mogler's. She's probably going to miss seeing Chris' mom, who gets here on Saturday, because she wants to go to the Mogler's dance competition in San Jose this next weekend. Oh well!

sara said...

cameron cracks me up!

{sara} said...

Hi Megan! This is Sara (Phay) Willoughby. So fun to catch up with your family - blogging is so cool! Your kids are very cute, and grown up!