Thursday, September 1, 2011

Craft Room Wall

So, I am slowly putting my craft room together. While the kids were at my mom's house, I got the "focal" wall painted a very pretty dark teal color. It isn't as bright as I wanted, but I really like it!! Chris helped me put my shelves up and I got some vinyl cut and put up. It was a little awkward to put up and it is off-center, so I may have Chris help me rearrange it. I'm still working on how to store things on the shelves, so excuse the mess that's there. I'll be cutting more vinyl out to go in between the two bottom shelves. It will say "Creativity is messy...and I am VERY creative!". I think that sums it up about how I work. I do like everything to have a place, but I like to put everything away after I am completely done working for the day. My table ends up looking like a tornado passed through!!

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