Monday, April 11, 2011

Ashlan gets dunked... I mean baptized!!!!

Saturday was a very special day for us! Ashlan was baptized!!! Our stake does baptisms once a month for the kids who turn 8 during the month. Luckily for us, that day fell on the weekend of Ashlan's birthday. She and one other girl, Sophie, from our previous ward were baptized on the same day!! It reminded me of my baptism when my best friend, Becky, and I were baptized on the same day!!! Thanks to the Moglers, who had a busy, problematic day, for coming up to share this day with us!! And a special thank you to Chene who gave a talk on the Holy Ghost!!! Thanks to the Coon family for coming too!! Also a special thanks to Jesse Nicholai and Jimmy Nore for helping with the confirmation!!We are so lucky to count these families as our friends!!! We are so proud of you Ashlan and so is your Heavenly Father!
Waiting to leave!

Getting excited!

At the church

getting a little nervous!

Soaking wet!!!!

Our helpers getting Ashlan ready to be confirmed.

So happy!

Thanks to Jesse Nicholai, Chene Mogler, and Jimmy Nore!!

Ashlan hamming it up!

Ashlan with mom and dad!!

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Reed and Natalie said...

Congratulations Ashlan! We hope it was a great day!

p.s. Your hair is so LONG Megan! I like the color too!