Monday, November 15, 2010


We finally got around to putting up our dart board. We have a great time playing darts, although Chris always beats us!!

Ashlan was too small before, so this was her 1st time playing! She did pretty good, although she has to stand very close. Chris and Ashlan played 10 games and Chris only won 3 of those games!!! (No, he didn't even let her win!)


Jessica said...

sounds fun...hope those are magnetic darts otherwise i'd have holes everywhere! ha, p.s. you have some great blogs on your blog roll, like Bradon's mission one, i didn't know about it and can now follow it thanks to you AND the girl hairstyle ones...i just learned a new cute one for riley today! so thanks :) you guys will be around for thanksgiving right?

Megan said...

Nope, no money to do anything. We are really hoping Chris gets a job soon, because things are getting tight.
Glad I can help with the blogs!! If I find one I like, I put it on there! I needed some hairstyles for Kayleigh for that one!