Friday, May 14, 2010

Coral Castle

Beautiful Coral Castle in Miami, FL. It's not really a castle as much as it is a rock garden! This place was built by a 5 ft, 100 lb man named Ed. This place was amazing!! Nobody knows how he did it, because nobody ever saw him work. If you are ever in Miami, this place is a must!
The side of the castle. This is where he dug up the pieces of coral.

These are the steps leading up to Ed's room. He lived here in a little tiny room. He housed all of his tools in a little room right below his room.

When it was complete, he charged people 10 cents to visit.

Here's mom taking some of the many pictures both she and I took. The planets and the moons you see in the background are carved from the same piece of coral as the wall they sit on. Crazy Amazing!!

Ed did live here and he built the three chair for reading. The one on the right is for reading in the morning, so the sun is shining over his shoulder. The chair in the middle is for reading at noon when the sun is directly overhead. The chair on the left is for reading in the afternoon when the sun is shining over his shoulder. Sara and mom sat in these chairs and said they were actually very comfortable!!! They liked the afternoon chair the best!


Stacey said...

Wow! That is incerdible! I would LOVE to see that place someday... thanks for sharing all your great pics! :)

Megan said...

More to come!! Miami is a beautiful place!