Saturday, April 3, 2010

Silk Tie Easter Eggs

I saw on a blog how to dye Easter Eggs using Silk ties, so I decided to try it this year. The kids are getting older and get a little bored with the normal dying methods. Here are the results:

We started with old 100% silk ties from thrift stores.

Kayleigh with one of her eggs.

Cameron with one of his eggs.

Ashlan with one of her eggs.

Here are the finished eggs. Some didn't do so well, but most of them are beautiful!! We will be doing this next year!!!


Reed and Natalie said...

I never got around to finding any silk ties and I really wanted to try this out! Yours look GREAT!!!!

Megan said...

The best part was opening them up to see what they looked like!

bphay said...

Those are beautiful eggs! Where did you find the directions? this year I went "green". I used spices and juices (curry, blueberry, cran-grape, tomato sauce) to dye my eggs. It was fun to see how they turned out.