Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ward Halloween Party

Our ward had it's Halloween Trunk or Treat on Saturday night. I forgot to get a picture of our trunk. It was sooo cool!! We were a hit!! I did help that even with 2 wards there, there were only about 15 cars doing the trunk or treat. So Sad!

Kayleigh was supposed to be a Princess, but it sort of morphed into this!

Here is Sir Cameron! This knight was super cute!!

Princess Ashlan! She looked beautiful, sprained wrist and all! (She sprained her wrist when she fell off the high beam at gymnastics.)

Here are my 3 beautiful children! We had a blast at the party! It was funny that they all picked costumes that worked with each other. Kayleigh's changed, or else they would have been "Damsels in distress, saved by the brave knight".

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Reed and Natalie said...

Cute costumes! Our ward activity was's so much fun for the kids to dress up. (Kayleigh looks so grown-up!)