Friday, November 21, 2008

Fashion Show

I had Parent-Teacher conferences last week, so I left Kayleigh home for an hour with the kids. She is really wanting to babysit, so I am letting her do it for an hour or two during the day. I sat down this morning to empty my camera for the trip down south and this is what I saw. They had put on a fashion show. They did the show when I got home, but they must have practiced while I was gone and took pictures. It was so funny to watch! I think Kayleigh is watching too much America's Next Top Model with me! They each had 3 "changes". Enjoy!


Reed and Natalie said...

That is so funny, Megan! Your kids crack me up! Adam is really hoping that you guys will be able to come in hopefully it will work out! We'll miss you next week. Tell everyone hello for us! :)

sara said...

so you're going "home" for thanksgiving huh? lucky duck

so about antm... what do you think of the winner? (i'm sadly addicted too)