Monday, September 22, 2008

She's Done It Again

Well, Ashlan lost another tooth! She was so Excited! Now that she knows first hand that the Tooth Fairy leaves money, she had a list of things she wanted to buy with her tooth Fairy money. Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy isn't as generous with teeth after the first one! The first tooth got $5 and this next one only got $2. She was excited anyways! She now has the cute habit of putting her tongue in the space where her teeth used to be.

I'm hoping to get some pictures posted very shortly of Chris on a giant bouncy house slide. He and our friend Chene were doing somersaults down the slide. It was hilarious! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I'm waiting for Andrea to burn them onto a disk for me. We're going camping with them on Friday, so I'll try to get it then!


Reed and Natalie said...

That's funny! :) (It's about time you posted something new!) :)

Jennifer Lomenick said...

Okay, I thought the tooth fairy brought a lot of money for our teeth but $5. Jeremy would be thrilled!