Monday, August 18, 2008

Kayleigh Turns 11!

Wow! Kayleigh turned 11 yesterday. I can't believe how fast they grow up! It doesn't seem like she could be this old! We love Kayleigh and we are so proud of the person she is becoming. She was so happy that Grandma and Katelynn could be her for her birthday. Kayleigh had a slumber party with a couple girls from church. Katlynn, Jessica, Kayleigh, and Bailey all had a lot of fun. We made some fun totes Saturday morning as a goodie bag. Happy Birthday Kayleigh!!!

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Reed and Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Old Fart! We called you yesterday, but you were gone and we forgot to call back! We love you girlie! Looks like you had a good birthday! :)