Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Little Deer Family

I finally got pictures of the deer family that frequents our yard. They stroll through our yard at least every other day, but I've seen them now every day for a week. This mama has two babies, although they are different sizes. They one trying to nurse is bigger that the one in front. They are so cute and playful. We love watching them.
Here is the little one watching me. She heard my camera beep on and turned to keep an eye on me! She is so stinkin cute!
Here is the bigger one. She also heard my camera beep on. I interrupted her munching on some greenery! I think this is the baby I caught on video in an earlier post. I don't think they came around the whole time my mom was visiting and she wanted to see them. She left and they've been here every day! Sorry Mom!!


sara said...

those are cool pictures... you look really close. haha mom

Natalie said...

I love the wild life. we see some deer and foxes and snakes here on Base. I miss Quantico, VA we had Deer that would walk up to the house and eat my flowers.

Megan said...

We had 4 of them sleeping next to the house under our deck before we moved in. You could see the "nests" of dirt where the would sleep. We don't think they've been sleeping there since we moved in.